Our Story

"Experience the timeless treasures of Arabian civilization reborn in the exquisite jewelry of Noudar"

Noudar is revealing a new collection of incredible diamond-studded jewels.

The choice a tougher look within this collection avoids the traditional style of fine jewellery and embraces the flamboyant, whilst still striking a balance between tradition and innovation with a touch of romantic-gothic. Noudar’s designs continue to be young in spirit yet still remaining sophisticated and precious.
Carefully selected precious metals such as white, yellow and rose gold as well as oxidised gold and rhodium implemented with white and fancy coloured diamonds, rubies and emeralds make the newest collection eclectic and distinctively recognisable with the signature Noudar style ring sets and finger bracelets. With this collection taking inspiration from the noble heritage of the Arabic and Islamic culture; influences from Oman patterns and Henna designs are atheistically present throughout this ferociously fabulous collection yet still offering elements of feminine pieces de resistance.


Noor Al Fardan, founder and designer of Noudar Jewels, has always been fascinated with watches and the mechanisms behind the art of watch making and this has greatly influenced Noudar’s jewellery, emphasising the importance of the craftsmanship to enable more comfort, movement and flexibility in her creations. The reminiscence of mosaics, a cameo with appeal of epic proportion, the elegant yet edgy ring adornments are meticulously crafted to wrap around the finger. The artfully ornate pieces continue to push the boundaries of fine jewellery through expressing the importance of craftsmanship where modern design and comfort being rife within the latest creations.
Noudar's clients are women of dedication and strong individuals looking for fine jewellery that continues to advocate these elements while still complimenting their feminine beauty.

Noudar’s daring, yet romantic and sophisticated designs continue to embody empowerment and protection, both physically and symbolically for the modern day woman.


The brand name Noudar derives from the ancient Arabic word ‘Noudar’ meaning ‘Gold’.